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G Empire Media is a specialist Design, Strategy, Digital & Conceptual Marketing company. Established in 2015, our client’s objectives have been and remain our priority in project execution.
We are a full service design & marketing camp with a team of expert designers and dedicated account management. Whether you are a start-up or a long running, iconic brand, we want to show you the G Empire way: Design & Marketing excellence with authentic, personal service.

Contact our team today to discuss your requirements for graphic design, branding, strategy, digital, print, production, content creation, photography, visuals and media. Working together we can increase your brand’s position, conversions and grow your customer base and business – locally and globally. We are G Empire Media.

Our Process

01. Client Brief

At first touch, a ‘brief’ document is provided to our camp by the client, containing information to be used as the basis for a design, campaign, production or a communication activity. Our camp will then produce a creative brief, which is a document created through initial meetings, interviews, readings and discussions with the client. The work begins with the client’s approval of our creative brief which will include the appointed account manager for ease of communication.

02. Research & Strategy

Brand Audit – This will be a SWOT analysis of your brand identity, values and language and how it is currently communicated to your target market. Analysis – Competitive analysis of the current marketplace, including competitor benchmarks and KPI’s. Buyer Persona Review – A target market is defined and their demographic understood.Buyers’ Cycle – We determine the decision making patterns of your target market to understand how they consume information and make purchase decisions.

03. Design & Crafting

An understanding of the client’s vision and goals is essential to achieving an out of this world brand identity or campaign and with this, we begin to craft and design the first versions of assets that relay the authentic voice of your brand. Upon completion, these are sent to the client to review and comment to allow us to move on to the refining and development stage of the project.

04. Refining & Development

Through refining our designs and campaign communication tools, we ensure that your brand is true to your vision. This step is the most exciting to clients as it’s when they start seeing their ideas come to life. Through refining and development, we guarantee a satisfactory and accurate representation of your brand through the final product. A second version of assets is sent to client, which will have little to no changes.

05. Execution & Rollout

Once the identity of your brand is truly realized we are ready for roll out. Through strategic processes, our camp will launch your brand to the appropriate networks, markets, and target audiences to ensure optimal exposure. We then shift into a monthly support process, through our relationship management team, constant collaboration with our clients is essential for quality assurance, maintenance, and growth of the brands we are proud to build and support.

06. Performance Evaluation

As part of our relationship management function, we evaluate the performance of our output through; Media Listening to determine public reaction to content disseminated; Tracking and Recording Growth and Engagement of following; Content is revision based on feedback from the public if need be; Tracking, recording, and reporting public perception of the brand. We also curate relevant reports on market shifts and trends to ensure your brand remains authentic through growth and innovation.

Our Work

Client needs vary widely, so it is important to have a process that can adapt accordingly.

Our Work